maine-farm-tenure-optionsNo one can say with certainty how a piece of property might be best farmed in the future. For that reason, agricultural easements are usually crafted with a high degree of flexibility.  This includes provisions that allow for fencing, farm buildings, land clearing, and more. Our goal in writing easements is to help ensure that the land can sustain a vital and viable farm business.

If you are interested in protecting your farm property, please contact us.  We can help you think through your goals for your land and explore the wide range of protection options. We can help you assess whether a donated easement or a purchased easement is a better fit for you. We can also help you understand and consider how an easement might be structured to best meet your needs and goals.

We not only work with farmland owners interested in protecting their land, but also with experienced farmers seeking more land and beginning farmers looking for their first farm. Because unprotected farmland is often too expensive for farmers, we increasingly protect farmland with an easement in order to make it more affordable for a farmer who wants to buy it. So if you are a farmer looking to buy farmland at a more affordable cost, we may be able to help.

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