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Morrow Farm
Searsmont ME

I think the Farm House / Barn was built in the mid 1800s
It has been in my mother's side of her family since built.
It was in the lower area field but story is, was moved to its higher current location in early 1900s ?
Bed Rooms:
Large master bed room with non working fire place
Large walk in closet just outside of master bed room
Front door is across from this closet
2 each small bed rooms on other side with med size closet
non working fire place is also in the larger of 2 small bed rooms
Electric breaker panel is in the rear smaller bed room at rear of house
Family room:
Family room with fire place, book shelves along that wall
Heater thermostat in located in this room
Stair way to basement is in this room
There is a nice size all brick "cool room"? for caned or jar storage of food, they do not build these any more, unless
for wine?
Floor is dirt with gravel stone,
Spring melt and heavy rain results is water that is pumped out with new sump pump system.
Bath room:
Bath room with tub/shower, sink and closet is entered into from family room
Dining Room;
Has chandelier, small china closet built into wall
In front of dining room is Long Front enclosed porch with insulated windows along front side so gets a lot of heat from
sun, front door opens to large grass front yard
Cellar entrance door is at barn end on side of front porch.
Next to cellar door is a 150 lbs propane tank with heater in the old area kitchen area.
If power goes out this can heat both kitchen areas of house...
2nd floor:
Stair way from dining room to second floor enters into an unfinished bed room or storage, then enters into a second
bed room.
The first room has attic storage along side of stair way and farther back above dining and kitchen rooms
Original kitchen connects to the dining room with kitchen sink and chimney for a wood or gas stove/oven, currently
has no stove in this part of kitchen
Door opens to connecting Shed that leads to Barn, all inside
Add on Kitchen built in the 1950s I think, has Washer/Dryer & Electric stove
and Refrigerator on outside wall with Eating area next to newer insulated windows and
kitchen cabinets lining the inside wall.
Outside Door opens with ramp to rear of house drive way.
3/4 dirt floor used for fire wood storage & 2nd floor for storage
Small tool room with door, small sliding door opens to front yard
A Walk through connects to the barn.
I think there are 4 horse stalls with hay storage above
Work bench on left as you walk in from the shed and stairs to dirt basement below
Hard wood floor in rear of barn was used for ballet lessons by my grandmother in the
Access to basement/ground level of barn is from the right side facing the barn,
floor is all dirt.
There is a "fire water" pond behind the rear of the barn that is now over grown with weeds. As A child in the 1960 I
used to walk there and watch the frogs and tad poles swim around in it. I suppose it could be cleared out if needed for
a pond.
House has a forced air oil heater that in good condition installed in the 1970s I believe but is serviced every year and
repairs made as needed...Oil tank was replace maybe 10-15 years ago?
Porch was rebuilt in the 2000s with new insulated windows.
House Siding was removed walls insulated and siding reinstalled in the 1990s
Add on Kitchen was rebuilt in the 1990s along with chimney in old kitchen
Bath room tub was upgraded in the 1990 along with new sink & toliet.
Family/bed room Chimney was rebuilt summer of 2022 from roof up.
In the farm house, Lead was remediated Nov 2022 and passed CDC test 12-2022
11 each wood windows where replaced with good quality vinyl windows for this job.
I have all docs for this job.
House has a aprox 300' deep water well in front of master bed room in the yard I think this well was drilled in the mid
All knob & tub was removed and new breaker box with romex wiring was installed in the late 1960s as I recall.
Phone & DSL is available from Consolidated Communications
Searsmont and surrounding townships are working on a high speed Fiber System with as I recall a base speed of
100/100 or possibly 200/200 Mps
Straight Talk cell based land line telephone system works at this location but is good for
voice only, no internet or fax...
House traditional water well farther out near front drive way that has fallen into disrepair but was used for many years
as main source of water for this home.
Farm house roof was replaced aprox 10 years ago and patched for leaks last
Barn needs siding and new roof and foundation work.
Water presser tank is in front area of basement with sediment water filter in ceiling area. This tank with pressure
switch is in good condition.
New sump pump system was installed 2021 with battery powered back up pump.
4-5 cubic yards of gravel was put on the basement dirt floor to clean up the basement and help water drainage during
spring melt and heavy rain.
Septic tank was clean out 2020 and is in good condition.
All grey water drainage was piped into the septic system 2021
New electric hybrid hot water heater was installed 2021
2021, New 7K watt portable tri power electric generator, Gas Propane & Nat Gas, was bought and new electric
disconnect installed in the shed area, to code by a local electrician.
Much work has been done to this farm house over many generations, some of the work not so good.
Much of that work was improved during my mother's watch 1980s to 2000s
I have also done some much needed repairs in the last 3 years.

The information herein is believed to be accurate, but not warranted and should be verified by the seeker.

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Listing Address:
104 Morrow Hill Road, Searsmont, ME, USA 04973
Main name: Sue Lanpher - FarmLink Coordinator
Contact Information
Listing Date: December 19, 2022 00:00
Current Farm Use: Last active farming in the 1970’s
Total Acres: 90
Woodlot Acres: 65
Tillable Acres: 25
Farm House: Yes
Predominant Soil Type: unknown
ME County:
  • Waldo
Suitable for Growing:
  • Beef Cows
  • Flowers
  • Goats
  • Greenhouse
  • Hay/Forage
  • Hogs
  • Livestock
  • Ornamentals
  • Pasture
  • Poultry
  • Sheep
Hemp or Cannabis Production:
  • Yes
Tenure Interests:
  • Long-term Lease (5+yrs)
  • Farm Manager
Farm Structure(s):
  • Barns
  • Storage
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