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Co-Applicant / Spouse:

Ian Fee


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Past and present farming experience:

My husband and I are retired veterans who were raised in the countryside. My husband, Ian in England where his mother raised rabbits and always kept a vegetable garden. He has also worked in a dairy while young. I grew up with my Mum's extensive vegetable garden on the outskirts of an Amish community in Michigan. I remember working within the Amish community for years, learning as much as I could in raising livestock and poultry, haying, vegetable and flower gardening as well as baking and other farmstead tasks. I was in 4-H throughout my teens years, becoming a yearly camp counselor and eventually our county 4-h Queen. Ian has the British equivalent of a Master’s Degree in Business Management, he learned to train horses while serving in the military in CA. Once we both retired he decided on rescuing horses (mostly Mustangs) and I easily stepped back into vegetable gardening; I had a garden most of my life, in the various places have I lived, then chickens and eventually pigs. I own Jodian Enterprises LLC in Montana, under which I ran Ayramour Farmstead Markets in Bigfork MT with a market and event booth from 2013 to 2022; specializing in cut flowers, heirloom vegetables, fruits and berries. I raised heritage chickens and pigs while my husband rescued and trained horses, we currently have 2 Mustangs that have been with us for over 20 yrs. Ian is skilled in carpentry and built our barn, chicken coops with runs, pig sheds, farrowing hut and runs as well as repaired all the farm equipment. I sold the above-mentioned produce locally as well as home backed goods, old-fashioned homemade craft items and heritage chicken eggs. We sold purebred Berkshire pigs direct from the farm. I also was President of the local Bigfork Farmers Market Co-op from 2020-2022 as well as Market Manager for 2022.

Counties being considered:
  • Aroostook County
  • Penobscot County
  • Waldo County
Types of enterprises considered:
  • Apple/Fruit
  • Berries
  • Dairy (cows)
  • Flowers
  • Greenhouse
  • Hay/Forage
  • Herbs
  • Hogs
  • Horses
  • Pasture
  • Poultry
  • Row Crops
  • Vegetables
  • Woodlot
Total Acres Desired:


Tillable Acres:


Wooded acres:


Acres in Pasture:


Acres in Pasture:


Acres in Orchard/Fruit/Perennials:


  • Doesn't matter
Farm structures needed:
  • Barn(s)
  • Storage
Equipment needed:

Have our own, any additional welcome and appreciated!

Arrangement(s) considered
  • Standard Sale
  • Owner-Financed Sale
  • Short-Term Lease
  • Long Term Lease
  • Lease with Option to Buy
  • Work to Own (Gradual Transfer of Responsibility & Farm Assests)
I am interested in farms with Conservation Easements:
  • Maybe (Please send me information)
Here is a summary of the vision for my farming future and/or business plan:

We have wanted to move from our small 5 acres farmstead to something larger to enable us to grow our own animal fodder and give back to the public, we decided to travel east to discover where we wanted to be. Maine became our choice by far and Waldo county our desired location although we will consider others. We wish to raise chickens (sell eggs), geese and turkeys, Bees, Berkshire and Gloucester pigs (sell feeder piglets, increase awareness of heritage hogs, sell meat, breed), horses (possible rescue again), go into dairy (family use at first) as well as cultivate heirloom cut flowers, fruits, vegetables and berries to provide for ourselves and share with the public. All cultivation is done no-till and food forest, practicing organic but not certified. Our eventual plan is to do a small self serve roadside farm stand so that people can freely take what they need whether they can pay for it or not as well as sell at local farmers markets. We have had a good life and wish to give back, I always grow more than we can use! A business plan would depend on the availability of land and what we accomplish do on it, part of the plan would involve veterans whether providing free produce or providing farm work. As stated we are both veterans, other veterans assisted us in our times of need and we wish to give back.