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Co-Applicant / Spouse:

Ken Smalt


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Past and present farming experience:

Elexis Vesely: Working on Farms since 2010, focus on organic and biodynamic livestock farms... 2015 arrived in Trumansburg NY, to start a ingrated animal operation on a Vegetable Farm. 2020 started and running a small dairy, raw milk and on site processing of Yogurt.

Ken Smalt: Cook. 2016 and 2017 helped work on Vegetable farm attached to restaurant... until 2018 worked on same integrated animal operation, focus on helping with milking, fencing and managing cows, and slaughter and butchering.

Counties being considered:
  • Androscoggin County
  • Aroostook County
  • Cumberland County
  • Franklin County
  • Hancock County
  • Kennebec County
  • Knox County
  • Lincoln County
  • Oxford County
  • Penobscot County
  • Piscataquis County
  • Sagadahoc County
  • Somerset County
  • Waldo County
  • Washington County
  • York County
Types of enterprises considered:
  • Beef
  • Dairy (cows)
  • Flowers
  • Goats
  • Hay/Forage
  • Herbs
  • Hogs
  • Livestock
  • Pasture
  • Poultry
  • Sheep
  • Woodlot
  • Yes
Arrangement(s) considered
  • Standard Sale
  • Owner-Financed Sale
  • Lease with Option to Buy
  • Work to Own (Gradual Transfer of Responsibility & Farm Assests)
  • Partnership
  • Joint Venture with eventual sale
  • Farm Manager
  • Apprentice with a Farm Owner for a year or more
Here is a summary of the vision for my farming future and/or business plan:

We are looking for a new place to live and farm. Open to a lot of options... want to be able to support ourselves and family on the land. Open to finding a value added product or craft to focus on. Experience in working in restaurants, livestock, dairy, and on farm processing.