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Co-Applicant / Spouse:

Terry Mitrenga


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Past and present farming experience:

We currently live in a urban area where our farming capabilities are limited. We have very little experience - but a great desire. Currently we have a small vegetable garden for our own use and we are raising meat rabbits.
We are self educating through several sources, including publications and through contact with experienced farmers.

Counties being considered:
  • Androscoggin County
  • Cumberland County
  • Sagadahoc County
  • York County
Types of enterprises considered:
  • Apple/Fruit
  • Beef
  • Berries
  • Goats
  • Greenhouse
  • Herbs
  • Hogs
  • Livestock
  • Pasture
  • Poultry
  • Row Crops
  • Vegetables
  • Woodlot
Total Acres Desired:


Tillable Acres:


Wooded acres:

Any Amount

Acres in Pasture:


Acres in Pasture:


Acres in Orchard/Fruit/Perennials:

Any amount

  • Yes
Arrangement(s) considered
  • Standard Sale
  • Owner-Financed Sale
  • Short-Term Lease
  • Long Term Lease
  • Lease with Option to Buy
  • Work to Own (Gradual Transfer of Responsibility & Farm Assests)
  • Partnership
  • Joint Venture with eventual sale
  • Farm Manager
  • Apprentice with a Farm Owner for a year or more
I am interested in farms with Conservation Easements:
  • Yes
Here is a summary of the vision for my farming future and/or business plan:

Because of our lack of experience - we are interested in starting out slowly - with a family homestead (while we maintain outside employment). We would also consider employment with experienced farmers.
We plan to start with poultry, pigs, and rabbits. We would like to slowly expand to a mixed use farm - employing permaculture, and wholistic land management techniques to grow a variety of organic no tilled vegetables and herbs - and pastured animal products. We are particularly interested in the apple orchard in Standish Maine currently listed on your website - Farm ID 2423.
We are happy to participate in any protective easements for property preservation. However, we would like to reside on any property we purchase - so we would need to know we are allowed to build a small home. We would also like to know of any structure limitations - and also whether or not we would be able to house interns or other farm help in the future.
We currently own our own home in Maryland - and have no mortgage. We plan to sell this property and use the capital to obtain a property in Maine. We are also pre-qualified for a loan through People's United Bank of Maine.
We have not formulated a formal business plan yet. We would be happy to provide something more substantial if requested.