Maine FarmLink, a program of MAINE FARMLAND TRUST, is a linking service that helps connect people who are interested in access to usable farmland, with farmland owners (or their representatives) who are looking to sell, lease or work out non-traditional tenure arrangements based on their respective interests, needs and goals.  FarmLink works with each party to fully understand their interests and needs.  Our personal contact and customized support, combined with the assistance of our program partners, has helped FarmLink to become an effective program.  To date, FarmLink has made over 225 links, making it one of the most successful programs of its kind in the nation!

FarmLink is a linking service, NOT a real estate brokerage.  Both seekers and farmland owners often work with Real Estate Agents even while they are enrolled in our FarmLink program.  We support and encourage these relationships.

This is a free service provided by Maine Farmland Trust.  While there is no cost to enroll in Maine FarmLink, to ensure the future of the program, we encourage everyone to become members of MAINE FARMLAND TRUST.  The standard individual membership cost is $30 per year.  We appreciate your support as we continue our work to preserve and protect farming in Maine.

Sue Lanpher

FarmLink Coordinator

Our Team

Welcome to Maine FarmLink. My name is Sue Lanpher and I am the FarmLink Coordinator at Maine Farmland Trust. I look forward to assisting you in your quest to find the right farm in Maine and / or for a farmer for your farm. In addition to maintaining the Maine FarmLink database of Maine farms and farm seekers, I also offer various marketing services – i.e. I will go to a farm and take photos, do GIS mapping, make advertising flyers, etc.  With over 225 program Links in the books, I look forward to helping the farmers of Maine keep our vital land active!