Maine FarmLink, a program of MAINE FARMLAND TRUST, is a linking service that helps connect people who are seeking farmland, with farmland owners (or their representatives) who are looking to sell, lease or work out non-traditional tenure arrangements, based on their respective interests, needs and goals. Learn more

Farm Seekers

Maine FarmLink can help guide you towards the farm you are looking for.  We can provide the resources and info needed to start you on your new farm tenure journey. With many resources available, we can also point you in the right direction of numerous programs to help you succeed in your land search.

Farm Owners

Maine FarmLink can assist you in finding a farmer who has the potential to work with you in order to keep your land active in farming.  There are a large and growing number of prospective farmers who are ready, willing and able to farm in Maine.  FarmLink maintains a statewide database of these persons—one may be the right match for you.

Find a Farm

FarmLink maintains a state-wide database of land owners who have farms for sale, lease or are open to any other non-traditional partnering arrangements.  FarmLink is not a real estate agency, but rather an online matching service.  Many times the land owners have their farms listed with conventional real estate agents, and FarmLink is just a way to double their exposure, reach out to other farmers who would be interested in their land and assets and help them connect with other service providers to help with their farm transfer.

Some Maine Farm Facts

Estimated number of farm properties currently posted on Maine FarmLink!
Is the average age of farm operators in Maine
Operating farms in Maine in 2012, up from 8,136 in 2007 and 7,196 in 2002.
2018 Maine farm real estate value (in USD) per acre.


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Cheviot Farmland • Caribou, ME

This farm has fields fronting Langley Road, as well as access to Caribou Stream. It could be used for rural retreat, hunting camp, small farm/forest operation.

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Sander Lou Farm • Leeds, ME

This is a typical Maine farmhouse, and was built in 1916. It is heated with baseboard hot water/oil (relatively new furnace), in reasonable condition, is well maintained, though many updates are needed. It has 4 bedrooms and one bath. It has ~1900 s.f. of living space. The house is connected by a shed to the barns.

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Agricultural Easements

Agricultural easements are a form of conservation easement, a voluntary, legal document attached to a property’s deed that limits the uses of that land. Yet agricultural easements allow more flexibility than traditional conservation easements, because they are designed to facilitate active use of the land for farming.  When we write an agricultural easement, we are always asking, “How does this easement preserve the ability of a farmer to farm?”

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